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About Us

Who are we?

We are a team, family and couple that is dedicated to changing lives!

Our friends and family call us Jay & Bae Roc, but at the core, we are Jay and Porscha. We love to love. We love family and we love people. Our purpose is simple: educate people on health and nutrition and ultimately inspire them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle by our example.

Our motto is: "No Excuses, we get RESULTS". It is a fact that you can not have both. We believe that your health, wellness, fitness, business and lifestyle, in general, all start with your mindset. It is our goal to instill our clients with clear vision, but also reinforce their goals with a mindset that doesn't make room for excuses.

If you are willing to do today what others won't, we guarantee that you will later be able to have what others can't. You can be healthy. You can be wealthy. You can be fit. It all starts with ONE that is devoid of excuses. 

Transformation Testimonials

Coach Jay Roc

"I started this journey to better myself!  In my journey, I was able to eliminate 16.9 pounds of body fat and gain 20 pounds of lean muscle!  I love this!!"

Coach Porscha

"Even with my weekly travel schedule, this amazing nutrition helped me on the road. I gained 8.8 pounds of muscle and dropped 6.7% body fat in 8 weeks!"