No More Excuses


This is for people that are truly ready to hit goals and not allow self-sabotage to have place in their lives! 

You know...we have come into a place in our society where excuses are as readily available as oxygen. It has become a crutch of sorts.  Our society would rather hold onto excuses rather than address the number one culprit in almost 100% of our errors....ourselves. 

Accountability is almost a cuss word of grand proportions.  But think on much further ahead would you be if you took away the power from your excuses, placed it into accountability and made the changes that you needed to make to get to where you were looking to go. 

At the end of the day, the only person that's holding you back is you.  Not your mom...not your dad...not the man...not the starts with you.  If you want better, you must first become better. The next time an issue happens, don't look at anyone else.  Ask yourself, "what could I change?" or "what could I have done better to make this situation different?".  Where there is accountability, there is a lack of excuses.  Where there is a lack of excuses, there are results.  Where there are results, there is change.  

-Coach Jay Roc